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A Global Leader in Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programs


Invest in a secure future for you and your family today

"I will show you how to invest overseas, obtain a second passport and enjoy visa-free travel. You'll also learn how to take advantage of overseas investment structures, reduce your tax liability and never have to worry about money”

Jason Swan CBI

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Benefits of Second Citizenship

Business Opportunities


Applying for a second passport or Golden Visa allows you to increase your business footprint on an international scale. Issues such as travel become more manageable, allowing you to focus on your global business goals.

Tax Benefits


Most Citizenship by Investment Programmes are in low tax jurisdictions. Citizens can benefit from savings on Income Tax, Net Worth Tax, Inheritance Tax & Capital Gains Tax.

Visa Free Travel


Getting a second passport from a European, Caribbean or Oceanic country can allow visa-free travel to 180+ countries across the globe



A second passport in a European country opens up a wealth of opportunities. You and your family can live, work and study in some of the world’s leading institutions.

Save Time


A Second Citizenship or Investor Visa can help you avoid the lengthy processes of visa applications and complications of travel to a wide variety of destinations.

Back up Plan


Having a Plan B is always a good idea. Gaining Second Citizenship or Residency through Investment allows you and your family the flexibility you need to travel at short notice.

Invest in a secure future for you and your family today
Residency or Citizenship Enquiries
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About Jason Swan

Jason Swan is Europe’s most successful residency and citizenship expert. He works privately with high-net-worth clients, to obtain Second Residency and Citizenship by Investment. As an independent consultant, working within one of the industry’s largest wealth management groups, he has access to market-leading investment opportunities globally. As an International financial planner, he will help guide you on where to move, the tax breaks on offer and how to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Jason Swan
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Award Winning Financial Advisor

Jason Swan has for many years excelled in providing financial advice to clients all over the world and recently his hard work, dedication and personal service has been recognised at the Holborn Awards Ceremony where he was awarded the prestigious No. 1 Financial Adviser in Europe & Rest of the World 2023 for the second year running, as well as the No. 1 Manager in the World.

Awards 2023
Awards 2023
Awards 2023

What our customers say

Courteous, knowledgeable and straightforward.

Jason Swan, our advisor, has been an excellent ambassador for his company. He is courteous, pleasantly spoken, knowledgeable and straightforward in his advice and guidance. His telephone calls have always been promptly on time, his email responses have been quick and complete and his investment advice has been given in an understandable manner. He understood very quickly our particular needs and was able to give us guidance to our complete satisfaction. I look forward to continuing our business relationship for some considerable time to come.


Byron Rodgers

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