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From Maldives to Mauritius

There are currently 13 nations that offer full citizenship to foreign nationals in exchange for financial investment.

Here at Jason Swan CBI we have examined the 13 new countries that are considering offering citizenship or residency by investment (CBI/RBI) programs and has selected the four that we feel offer the most alluring investment and lifestyle opportunities for investors.

There are now 13 countries, ranging from Turkey to Vanuatu, that grant full citizenship to foreign nationals in exchange for financial investments into the local economy, real estate, and infrastructure.

13 more countries are now thinking about implementing new CBI or RBI schemes and we believe the following 4 will be the most well-liked options among investors.


Citizenship or residency by investment nations insist that investors surpass a minimum investment threshold before being granted citizenship. This minimum varies from nation to nation, with the price ranging between $100,000 and $3 million+. The Maldives, however, has not yet stated its threshold, but based on the fact that it’s a luxury travel destination to rival Monaco and Capri, it’s safe to assume the Maldives CBI program will be a product for High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI).

We rank the Maldives as the best and likely most popular new CBI destination based on the aforementioned luxury and beauty, alongside the fact that English is a pseudo-official language, and it appears to be good for businesses, especially those owned by citizens.

Furthermore, safety levels in Maldives are relatively good, and the local tax system can be considered favourable in a nation that offers the choice of either a bustling life in the city or a relaxed vibes of beachside living.


Greece has offered residency by investment (RBI) for some time, but taking the step to introduce a CBI program is a big decision for this ancient and breathtaking land. Greece is considering a minimum investment of two million Euros in real estate or 500,000 Euros in personal residence, but first wants to wait for the outcome of the EU’s court case against Malta and its CBI program.

If Greece does go ahead and launch its CBI program, it will be immensely popular despite the expensive entry fee. Already a much-loved nation, Greece is also an EU member state which, when it comes to citizenship, is a very big deal indeed. It also offers a strong passport, with visa-free access to 173 countries, of course including visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone.

El Salvador

Although the Central American nation of El Salvador has moved away from offering a full CBI program, it is still considering a residency by investment (RBI) program, often known as a Golden Visa, and for a minimum investment of just $100,000, it’s going to be very accessible.

One of the big draws for El Salvador is that Bitcoin is legal tender and has been since 2021. For cryptocurrency in general, the country is known as a tax haven. Despite this not being a full CBI offering, Astons expects the program to be immensely popular among Americans who are looking to relocate for retirement.


Luxury drips from every building, beach, and palm in Mauritius, the East African island nation famed for its crystal blue lagoons and stunning reefs.

The US government calls Mauritius a Level 1 country, meaning it’s one of the world’s safest places for Americans to travel to. It is expected that citizenship will be offered for the price of $500,000 plus $100,000 per dependent.

Away from its all-consuming beauty and luxury, Mauritius also offers the benefits of a favourable banking and business environment and favourable tax laws, and while there is no single official language in Mauritius, both English and French are widely spoken.

Immigration Expert for Astons USA, Alena Lesina, says, “The CBI sector is highly competitive and could be about to get a whole host of new participants offering an even greater choice of destinations for those who want to put down roots in a new country. And whether you’re looking for new surroundings for retirement, or a complete lifestyle change for the family, there are some incredibly enticing pins about to be dropped onto the map.

A great CBI destination can need a number of different things. Good value for money when it comes to initial investment, a desirable lifestyle, affordable cost of living, quality education, business opportunities, and so on.

We think the likes of Greece and Mauritius offer everything investors are looking for. And with such a variety in investment thresholds, there’s something for everyone from high-wealth individuals to everyday families.”

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