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Moving To Portugal from the UK

With its beautiful scenery, glorious beaches, relaxed lifestyle and numerous opportunities, Portugal is an attractive place to call home, and has become increasingly popular for UK migrants. This is even more true now the UK has left the European Union, with Portugal being a member state, representing a route to EU citizenship by investment.

But what are the advantages of living in Portugal, and what is the best approach to make it happen? If you are looking to move from the UK, I will show you how.


Why Portugal?

Portugal is rightly regarded as one of the best places to live in Europe, with a good climate, affordable properties and stunning scenery. Not only that, as part of the Schengen area, it gives you access to a massive market that you can move around, work anywhere in, set up businesses and explore opportunities, all without needing a visa.

For UK citizens especially, obtaining a second passport that restores their lost EU membership post Brexit has become very attractive. Here is where the other advantage of Portugal becomes clear.


The Golden Visa Program

Obtaining a second citizenship can be a long, expensive and confusing process, taking years and requiring a significant investment in time. However, Portugal is a country that offers an excellent citizenship by investment scheme. Here, potential citizens can see exactly what they have to do, and know in advance how long it all takes.

This simplifies everything, and the good news is that Portugal citizenship by investment really is as simple as it sounds. It requires you to invest a specific amount of money in government approved assets, currently:

  • €500,000 investment in a new or existing business that generates at least 5 permanent, long-term jobs, guaranteed for a minimum of 3 years.

  • €500,000 investment in government approved funds.

  • €250,000 investment in businesses or organizations that maintain, produce or enhance Portuguese national Heritage.

After the investment is approved, you can apply for citizenship after a period of 5 years, and are required to spend just 7 days per year in Portugal during that time.

There is obviously a substantial investment required to follow this route, and sadly Portugal has recently changed the rules so that real estate investment no longer counts for the visa program. However, if you have the funds, this is a simple, straightforward Portuguese citizenship by investment program that delivers. You make the investment, meet the 7 days a year residency, and in five years you are eligible for citizenship and with it apply for a Portuguese passport.


Portugal Citizenship by Investment Eligibility

To qualify for this program, UK citizens need to make an approved investment that meets the guidelines, setting up a Portuguese bank account and obtaining a taxpayer identification number (NIF) in the process.

After that, you will need to meet expected residency criteria, 7 days per year, and submit a range of documentation, including:

  • Investment details

  • Conformation from a Portuguese entity that the investment transaction has occurred

  • Completed Application form

  • Security checks that confirm you have a clear criminal recor

The various documents must be submitted in Portuguese, and for those that are in English, must be translated by an accredited translator before submission.

However, while aquiring Portuguese citizenship by investment can appear complex, it really is straightforward. I can help you sort out all these documents and walk you through the entire process.

The key advantage of citizenship by investment Portugal migrants benefit from is certainty. Comply with the program requirements, meet applicant expectations and get your citizenship.

A new life in Portugal can be the perfect retirement, it could be the doorway to endless opportunities, and it is always a launchpad for a new way of living in beautiful surroundings and a welcoming culture. With Portugal citizenship by investment and my guidance, it can all be yours.

Get in touch today and see how I can help you move from the UK to Portugal and have the Portuguese citizenship you want in the simplest way possible.

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