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What Are the Best Countries to Live In?

I don’t know about you, but this is a question I have often found myself talking about with friends. They all have a different answer though, and really, which country is best to live in really does depend on what it is you enjoy. It can also depend on where you are moving from too, as we will see.

What makes somewhere ‘the best’?

It is an interesting question, and this is why there are so many different answers to the best country to live in. For some it might be the climate, whether that is warmer weather or the chance to see snow in winter can be appealing. For instance, if you’ve lived in the UK for years, a climate like California might seem really appealing. Conversely, if you live in Miami, Northern France and its snowy winters might appeal.

Quality of life is a major consideration too, as you get older having access to great healthcare becomes more important, relatively lower crime rates and easy access to essentials such as your favourite foods, high speed internet and so on all make for an enjoyable life.

For some, having access to lots of activities may be the deciding factor, from sailing and surfing to mountain biking, or simply visiting museums and galleries. You may be looking for somewhere that brings opportunities for a career or building a new business.

What you are looking for can really decide what the best country to live in is for you.


Getting citizenship and a second passport

But there is another factor that makes some places incredibly attractive for you to go and live, even temporarily. How easy it is to settle there. For instance, every year the World Happiness Report analyses how happy people are at varying stages of life in countries across the world, presenting this as the best way to just what is the best country to live in.

In 2024, the top 3 are:

  • Finland

  • Denmark

  • Iceland

That is a sound way to look at the question, these are places people are most happy to be, so it makes them the best countries, right? The best countries for those people, yes, but not necessarily for you.

Personally, I would choose Portugal, Spain and then the UK – but that’s just me.

Besides, no matter how happy they all are living there, if there are no convenient ways to acquire citizenship, its not much help to you.

So, the best country is one with the things you are looking for in terms of climate, opportunity, economy and so on. But it is also one you can actually become a citizen of.


Citizenship by Investment

So, if you are looking to move to a new country for opportunities, to benefit from a second passport or just to find the quality of life you are seeking, the best country to live in is also one you can become a citizen of and obtain that passport from.

The problem is, that becoming a citizen of another country can be time-consuming, extremely complex and is often a process full of uncertainty. You can spend years on it and then be rejected at the end.

That is why countries that offer citizenship by investment are becoming more popular for those wanting somewhere new or a second passport. These schemes are clear and understandable, offering a defined framework that takes you from choosing the country to becoming a citizen.

How it works varies slightly among programs, but in general it is exactly what the name suggests. You invest in the country; they give you citizenship in return. How much you invest varies, some Caribbean countries require as little as $100,000, while many European counties need €500,000 minimum.

Aside from the amount of investment, what you invest in matters too.  Some programs consider real estate investment as eligible, and in these schemes it may be possible to buy a home to live in and qualify for citizenship by investment as a result. Other options include approved government funds and various government issued bonds. Finally, investing in a business is usually part of this, often with eligibility criteria including a minimum number of employees.

But whichever country offering citizenship by investment you choose, the reason it is such a great option is the same. You invest the required amount and have it approved, you meet any other criteria (such as staying in the country for a week or two), and after a set period, you become eligible for citizenship.

With great citizenship by investment programs around the world, from the Caribbean to Europe, Aisa, North America and beyond, there are options for you whatever kind of country you are looking for. As an investment citizenship professional, I can help you identify the best country option for you, and help you every step of the way to obtain your second passport through investment by citizenship.

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